Volunteering at the Portland Hindu Temple


  :: We Need Volunteers

We are looking for Volunteers in the following areas:


Group members will welcome new families coming to the Temple first time and get them registered. Maintain sign up sheets at the temple and get them updated on a weekly basis in the Computer.


Get publicity for events at the temple like putting flyers in various stores etc.

Outreach Activities

Work with other religious organizations to hold dialogues, information exchange and promote mutual activities.

Building Maintenance

(Whenever required). Heating, Plumbing, Electrical assistance, Roof repairs, Exterior painting, Parking lot maintenance, Garden maintenance etc.
Food Service (Anna Dhana)
To help in preparing or making food arrangements during temple functions.

Seasonal Assistance

Lawn Moving

To Volunteer, call Ma Amrita at 503.598.3073 or contact Venkatesh Ramakrishnan at 503.629.9457 or email venky@sigmacgi.com

:: Donations

All donations to the temple are Tax Deductible.  
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